April 28, 2011

The Royal Life

Forget the royal wedding.   I have my own princes (or " wangjas" as we call them in Korean) to cater to.  These boys are living the life of royalty.

As I'm huffing, puffing, and breaking a sweat pushing them around in the double stroller, they've got their feet kicked up, enjoying the ride and the cool breeze with their snugly friends.

Man, life is good at their age.

They better enjoy it while it lasts.

Because before they know it, they'll be pushing me and Daddy around in our wheelchairs.  We'll see who's going for a joy ride then.  ;)


  1. i love their smiles - makes me smile every time! =) they do have the good life with a mommy like you taking care of them. ;)

  2. oh my, you have quite handsome wangjas! i love seeing heng-bok-han children :). i agree with sillianah - it comes from quality TLC from the mommy and daddy! ;)

  3. Thanks, Lil and Junia! But if you only knew how often I'm screaming and pulling out my hair throughout the day. Praise God for His grace though and for the incredible moments of joy (like the boys snuggling in the stroller!).

  4. I joke with my nephew that he has to take care of me when he's older. He told me,

    "Don't worry auntie, you can have a wing in my mansion." I love how seven year olds think. Treasure every moment.

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