June 10, 2010

Happy 2-year birthday, CJ!

{ cj on his 2-year birthday }
Happy 2nd birthday, darling Christian! 

We can't believe how quickly two years have flown by!  And what a fine boy you're growing into (well, we need to work on sharing and not being such a bully to other kids).  But overall, you're quite the happy, energetic, and curious child!

You brighten up our days, son.  After a long day at work, Mommy and Daddy eagerly anticipate your big smile and bear hug upon entering the house.  We love hearing the words "mama" and "daddy" out of your mouth and how you eagerly take our hands to show us what new thing you've discovered or what simple joy has captured your heart for the day.  You remind us of the great wonders there are in small things.

We pray that as you continue to grow in body and mind each year, you would do so in spirit as well.  We pray for Jesus and His love to infect your heart in such a way it will be contagious and others will be affected.

In that token, we've set up a donation page in honor of your birthday:

We pray others will celebrate by sharing the joy of simple treasures to those who go without every day.

We love you, sweet child, more than words will ever be able to express.

Happiest birthday wishes to you,
Mom & Dad

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