February 17, 2011

A Thousand Beautiful Things

I was greatly inspired by this article published in the Huffington Post today.  In it, the author briefly touches on a tragic incident that left her heart jaded and bitter.  It wasn't until she started giving thanks on a regular basis, that she began to see the beauty in life and enjoy "God in the moment".

So starting today, I'm jotting down the things I'm grateful for - both big and small.  And I'm sure the list will reach and exceed a thousand before I know it, because God is a good God and has lavished on us countless, beautiful gifts.

I'd encourage you to start your own list! 

A Thousand Beautiful Things:
  1. Others who share their stories of encouragement.
  2. A husband who prays.
  3. My sons making funny faces.
  4. The comfort of lying in a warm bed.
  5. Creativity that comes in all shapes and forms.
  6. Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.
  7. When my son says "I love you" completely out of the blue.
  8. My children's laughter when I nuzzle my nose against their belly.
  9. A good cup of coffee to help through the day.
  10. Being able to read Scripture with a renewed hunger for the Word.
  11. Those who fight for justice & go into the trenches to secure freedom for all.
  12. Missing socks that magically reappear somehow.
  13. The testimony of a friend who is fostering a child.
  14. Popcorn jellybellies ... even if no one else likes them.
  15. Free food!
  16. A song that makes your heart leap and your soul rejoice.
  17. Boot sales.
  18. Enjoying Korean fried chicken and a pint of Killian's Red with your favorite person (aka husband).
  19. Organic mixed vegetables from Costco.
  20. Homemade cards.
  21. Toddlers who enjoy and finish their meals.
  22. Warm weather after a not-so-pleasant winter.
  23. The anticipation of spring.
  24. Playdates with moms and their kids.
  25. Town library where the boys are free to roam.
  26. Quiet afternoons.
  27. My children's health.
  28. Being reminded by my mother that children running, screaming exuberantly, and being full of life is a good thing.
  29. My mom who is an amazing and humble servant of the Lord.
  30. Little boys who like to exert their energy in the snow.
  31. Hot bowl of soup on a cold winter's day.
  32. Women who open up their hearts and open up their lives.
  33. Knowing you're not the only one who doesn't have it all together.  Everyone else is right there with you.
  34. Grace that washes away even the ugliest of sins.
  35. A husband who is supportive and patient.
  36. A child's arms wrapped tightly around your neck.
  37. Dark chocolate brownie bites.
  38. A sermon message that reminds us to worship God in the moment. 
  39. God clinging to us when we are most desperate.
  40. A simple yet powerful word of encouragement.
  41. A friend's prayer.
  42. A sister who patiently and lovingly listens in our time of need.
  43. The internet and how it allows me to connect with folks I would never have otherwise.
  44. Children who love their veggies.
  45. Building legos with your son and never making the same thing twice.
  46. Standing with 1,000 believers in praise and adoration of the King.
  47. Lemon cookies.
  48. Adorable matching outfits for the kids.
  49. Husband who takes care of you when you're sick.
  50. Boys laughing and chatting with each other at bed time.
  51. Friends dropping off dinner when you're not well.
  52. Spontaneous date nights with hubby.
  53. A hot bowl of extra spicy tofu soup.
  54. Molten chocolate lava cake made in 10 minutes.
  55. The day your child stops crying when you drop him off at preschool.
  56. An encouraging word from your child's teacher.
  57. Hilarious DIY superhero outfits!
  58. Seeing my 3-year-old son moved by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.
  59. The Jesus Storybook Bible.
  60. Saturdays at the park.
  61. Iced coffee.
  62. Getting a long overdue pedicure with a friend.
  63. Friends who foster!
  64. Potty training success.
  65. Unexpected flowers.
  66. Kind words from a stranger.
  67. New friends.
  68. The heart of a 4-year-old.
  69. God's timing for all things.
  70. Brothers going to preschool together.
  71. The funny things 2-year-olds say.
  72. Cousins.
  73. Movements that are making a difference in the world.
  74. Answered prayers for a friend's child.
  75. Having amazing friends who also happen to be amazing dentists!
  76. A 5-year-old's sweet and genuine prayer.
  77. Missionaries taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.
  78. The sun beaming warm and bright on the face after a long, cold winter.
  79. Knowing change is possible when others might tell you otherwise.
  80. When communities rally together for a good cause.
  81. Puppy kisses.

To be continued . . .


  1. love love this post. so true - once i remind myself of the things i need to be thankful in...my perspective always re-adjusts. my memory verse for next week is going to be 2 thessalonians 5:16-18 (rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus). hehe.

    btw, i think we both live in NJ!! i live in bergen county and go to a church in ridgefield park!

  2. Junia - It is a small, small world! :)

    Thank you for sharing your memory verses! And that particular one is among my favorites.

  3. thats a great list, and we do need to take time to think of all we are grateful for, instead of thinking of what we would like to have....
    thanks for the reality check!

  4. Chef Dennis - I find myself constantly struggling with focusing on the things I could or would like to have (like peace and quiet, order, some of your monk fish!) instead of giving thanks for what I do have. So I am spending some time each day recording the big and small blessings in life to foster a thankful heart.

  5. Hello there! I was Googling and came across this 2 Thessalonians heart-tree and I wanted to let you know that I pinned it to Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!


    (Hopefully this link will bring you to it.)


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