February 24, 2011

Auditioning for "Twilight" Series

I thought I'd dig into my archives and share this little bit of entertainment with you.   This series of photos was taken when my oldest was 14-months-old.  He refused to wear a bib, so we decided to strip him down to his diaper when offering him a juicy, red plum.   We knew it would be messy, but the poor plum was devoured and demolished with absolutely no mercy.  And he was in need of a serious bath after this.

Not sure my son is ready for Hollywood just yet, but I think he could give Rob Pattinson a run for his money.  :)

Auditioning for "Twilight" Series

"Woe is you, cursed plum!"

"Grrr!  I shall peel your skin and eat thy flesh!"

"So gooey and soft." [Crushes flesh between his fingers.]

"Take that!"

"Muhahahaha!" [Eerie music playing in the background.]

[Pan camera to eaten flesh.]

"So do I get the part?"

Hope you enjoyed this edition of "Fun Captions" and have a great weekend!


  1. omigoodness! these photos are truly priceless!! i never imagined eating a plum would be so messy... i am scared. =P your son is the cutest thing ever - he is seriously enjoying that plum! lol!

  2. @sweetsbysillianah Lillian - I have seriously never seen a plum this juicy before. Had we known how messy this was going to be, we would have sliced it into small, reasonable pieces for a toddler's consumption with minimal mess. But hey - it turned out to be a kodak moment. :)

    We've learned though, and have not tried this again with our second son. :)

  3. The truth is the whole Cullen family is "vegetarian." You'll never catch Edward eating flesh. :) But those are very precious photos. You should definitely save them for his wedding.

  4. @Mama A and Papa BA & B - You guys are too funny. Thank you for the correction. CJ is actually trying out for the part of the villian! ;) Does A only go for good guys?

  5. I think there's a period in every girl's life when she's attracted to the "bad boys." Though that might be tough to pull off under the ever vigilant watchful eyes of daddy.

  6. Oh, what a delightful boy! He can be my main star. :)

    ps-yes, anyone who serves His bride counts as a church cook,Rachel.

    So glad to "meet" you!

  7. Love your sense of humor! Have a great weekend :)


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