April 12, 2011


{ building something new every day }

The beauty of playing legos with your child is that you never make the same thing twice.  Today CJ wanted to make a "sleeping place" for his cars (he loves his beloved cars).  So we made this nice little tower for them to rest in.

And here lies an analogy for life (I do love analogies).  You take the "pieces" you have - nothing different from what you've had yesterday or the day before - and you build something new.

I've been in that process of "rebuilding" the past several weeks.  The "pieces" in my life just didn't seem to fit into place, and it all seemed to crumble around me.   I often wished for better and newer "pieces" thinking it would somehow solve all my problems and that I could build something better for myself.  And sure, new pieces do help sometimes and can be great fun.

But the pieces in my life are the same as they were weeks before.   However, God's been good in showing me how vital each one is and the potential for the new and beautiful things waiting to be built and created with them each and every day.

Tomorrow, CJ and I will take these same lego pieces and build a farm with animals and all.  He's quite good at making horses out of them.


  1. The Lego phase has lasted to the age ten in our grandson. He loves building with them, but Star Wars is the main attraction.

    Your analogy of 'rebuilding' is right on. Another way to say it is, "I am the Vine and you are the branches..." And guess who gets pruned and washed? The Father is faithful to keep pruning with His Word so we will produce much good fruit. Further on in the same passage Jesus explains why, "I told you these things so your joy may be full." Just look at how happy your son was with his 'rebuilt' Legos!

  2. ahhhh love the life analogy. building something new with what we have. love it :). reminds me to keep things in perspective, esp. when i wallow in my shortcomings! ahhh how easily we are consumed with what we can't do and not on what God can do! thinking of you and your family!

  3. @Donna Perugini Thank you for your encouragement and words of wisdom, as always, Donna. :)

  4. @Junia Thank you, Junia, for thinking and praying for us! I am so easily blind sighted and forget how incredibly blessed I am. God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. Praying for you as well!

  5. Building something new with what we already have . . . it's crazy and ridiculous that I didn't even think of this. I have been too busy thinking about how to toss what ever resources I have into the trash and was convinced new things will make everything okay. But it doesn't work that way.

    Whatever we are facing, whatever we are dealing with, as children of God, it MUST pass through Him before it gets to us which means He is in control, He knows what He's doing and He will work ALL things for our good.

    I needed this reminder!


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