April 5, 2011

D.I.Y. Cupcake Wrappers

I am so happy to report that the NYC Bake Sale for Japan raised over $4,600!  And the nationwide bake sale raised over $120,000 for Japan!  I am simply amazed at how folks - most who have never met - rallied together for this cause and put so much love and effort into this event.  It was an amazing privilege to take part even in the smallest way.  Thank you to all the organizers, donaters, bakers, volunteers, and everyone who participated in the bake sale (including those who bought the goodies for a great cause)!

I contributed butterfly cupcakes and this week I'll show you how they came together.  I know folks are more interested in how the actual chocolate butterflies were created, and I promise that'll be the next post.  Today I want to show you the easiest way to dress up cupcakes.  Cupcake wrappers!

There is nothing new or innovative about this.  I'm just passing along the knowledge.  And knowing is half the battle.  Okay, my husband thinks it's cheesy whenever I say that (I say it a lot), but come on!  Who doesn't love G.I. Joe?  :)

D.I.Y. Cupcake Wrappers

What you'll need:

1.  Start off by selecting a handful of pretty cardstock paper.  Oh, how I love pretty paper!

2.  Print out the cupcake wrapper template and cut it out.  I copied it on a piece of cardboard paper so it would be easier to trace.  With a pencil, trace the wrapper template on the back of the paper.  You can fit 4 on a single 12"x12" sheet.

3.  Cut along the lines with plain cutting scissors.

4.  Then take the craft scissors with the scalloped edge and cut along the top part of the wrapper.

5.  And voila!  Your cupcake wrappers are complete.

When you're ready to use them, wrap the paper around the cupcake and secure it either with gluestick or double-sided tape.  

Look how instantly they dress up a plain cupcake!  My husband said I didn't even need the butterflies.  This would have been good enough.  But the butterflies were the whole point for the bake sale!

You could dress up the cupcake wrappers even more by decorating with rhinestones, stamps, or other embellishments.  But I didn't want to take away from the butterflies.  This is a fun project to do with older kids who are good with scissors.  My son loves crafts, but this is a bit advanced for him.  So he was happy doing another project while Mommy worked on these.

I'll show you how to make the chocolate butterflies in the next post, so be sure to check back. 

Happy creating, everyone!


  1. i love these cupcake wrappers!!! ahhhh~~ all these ideas are flowing thru my head now! i'm all about making things look pretty and artistic!

  2. You should get Silhouette too! I bet you could do some crazy crafty things with it! Tell James to get it for you for Christmas (or birthday, whichever comes first).

  3. That is an amazing amount of money you all helped raise! Well done! Thanks so much for these instructions! I can't wait to make some!

  4. Super cute cupcake wrappers! My cupcakes will look so much prettier in these! Great work helping raise money for Japan, that sum is amazing.

  5. Your wrappers are so cute! I never thought to do something like this - Thanks!

  6. OK. I just spent 5 bucks on pretty but not this pretty cupcake wrappers. :(

    These are beautiful, Rachel!

  7. Luv these cute cupcake wrappers! Thanks for sharing DIY info. I'm going to try my hand at these personal, cute crafts. =)

  8. These wrappers are such a neat idea!

  9. So awesome. That's a lot of money raised and for a really important cause. The cupcakes, butterflies, the DIY wrappers and everything in between are fantastic. You go!



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