April 17, 2011

Death Stare at the Zoo

The county zoo is five minutes from our house so we tend to make frequent trips there whenever the weather is decent (and it's free before the summer).  The animals have always been kind of shy, hiding behind the rocks or tucked in the corner and never looking at the camera.  But this past Friday's trip was a different story.  The day turned into a staring contest between the boys and these critters:

{ the lizard godfathers: "don't ask us about our business" }

{ "whatchoo lookin' at willis?" }

{ we think this orange monkey was dyed blue for his part in the wizard of oz }

{ cj asks me, "why are cow's udders on his neck?" to which i had no answer. }

{ nate and the goat got into a "baaah"-ing match.  it's the only sound he knows how to make besides "vroom vroooom" and "choo-choo". }

{ the mountain lion looked like he was ready to pounce. thank goodness for the fence. }

{ cj staring down the turtle }

{ but this little guy wins the death stare award for the day }

{ it made this bird run. }


  1. I love the zoo! It's about an hour from us and I go so infrequently. Where I live in WA state, a cougar was chasing our dog and my husband stepped out of the garage, threw his arms up in the air and yelled (like an airhorn if you know him). The cougar turned around and ran into the bushes. We also have black bear (especially if you have fruite trees and honey bees). They climb the trees and break them with their weight.

    To this day I still moo, cluck, squack or whatever sound back at the animals. I really embarass the adults with me at the zoo. The kids fully support me!

  2. adorable. i love going to the zoo! went to one actually just two years ago with some of my friends (even at my age!). i think my favorites are always the otters and dolphins hehehe. hope life is treating you well! *hug*

  3. @Donna - Your comment made me laugh! I love that "talk" with the animals. My boys would have a blast going to the zoo wit you!

    @Junia - I think my boys love the aquarium more than they do the zoo. Nathan is obsessed with fish! Life is well and God is good. :)


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