March 16, 2011

Mr. Chatterbox

I haven't been much for words these days.  My 2.5 year-old, on the other hand, is a nonstop chatterbox.

Watching this video, you'll note (1) he loves dinosaurs, (2) he loves to sing, (3) he's still learning his manners, (4) he amuses himself, (5) he loves dinosaurs, and (6) he is incredibly sweet and charming.

Apologies for the horrible video quality, but this was recorded with just a nightlight on.


  1. ahh he is just too cute, and definitely a sweetie pie! i'm like him... i don't like wearing socks (at home) either - although i don't like cold feet. i won't put socks on even if they're cold. lol! thanks for sharing, rachel...i smiled throughout the entire 4 minutes! =)

  2. video to be cherished forever.

  3. Thanks, Lil! I can't believe you don't wear socks, even in the winter! I'm always yelling at my kids b/c they pull their socks off and walk around barefoot when it's freezing. Wow, I sound like such a mom. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I was sparing everyone w/ 4 minutes. He goes on and on like that for at least half an hour to 45 minutes before he finally falls asleep!

    Joy - CJ keeps watching the video and he cracks up hilariously every time it comes to the part where he burps. That's boys for you. :)

  4. awwwww!!! i can't wait to be a mom one day :)

  5. Good thing you have this video, because those cute voices don't last. Every year they get a little deeper.

    Your music in the background is soothing. Does it help put them to sleep?

    No socks for me in bed either! Too hot.

  6. I have passed on an award to you! Feel free to check it out, pass it on, or ignore if you have already received one.

  7. Cuteness at it's highest! You caught some wonderful memories! Have a great weekend :)


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