March 25, 2011

Preparing for the Harvest

This is our little garden and our little 18-month-old gardener, Nathan.  It's almost time to start putting our compost to use and get the soil ready and fertile for this year's crop.  Last year, we reaped fresh cherry tomatoes, little cucumbers, fresh beds of lettuce, spinach, and kkae-nip leaves, some basil and parsley, a little eggplant and the spiciest hot chili peppers you ever laid your taste buds on (I was the only person who could enjoy them, and I savored every mouth-burning morsel).

What to grow this year . . .

What are you growing in your garden?



  1. Ohhh..I wish I had that kind of room for a garden. For now I have to deal with a terrace garden, but seeing yours gets me excited for my next move in the next year or so. This year I'll be growing my usual herbs, basil, dill, orgeano, thyme, lemon thyme, parsley, and cilantro. I usually throw in a veggie or two if I can find room..not quite sure, but baby eggplant (technically a berry..or whatever it's called) and plum tomatoes possibly :)

  2. Lisa - I've taken this garden for granted in the past years. But I'm thankful for it and plan to make the most out of it this year! I was never a big fan of cilantro, but I've taken a recent liking to it! I'll have to add it to the list!

    Btw, I love terrace gardens.

  3. nice level plot of land. I'm planning on trying to grow a few vegetables for the first time. Tomatoes appear to be a no-brainer...but I have no idea what I'm doing. I feel foolishly intimidated. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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