March 23, 2011

Walk on Water

{ circa May 2007 along the coast of Big Island, Hawaii }
Some days you feel like you can barely keep your head above water.

The waves come crashing over you and you hold your breath kicking, splashing, and flailing with everything you've got.  You swallow gulps full of water and then come back up for air only to have another wave wash over you.

And in a moment of sheer desperation, you muster up just enough strength to whisper a simple plea.

"Rescue me."

This is where I've been.  Overwhelmed, exhausted, and crying out for relief.

But what I'm realizing is that I've been relying on my own strength to keep me afloat instead of resting in the Lord and trusting in His power.  I've been crying out for a life preserver when Jesus himself walks out on the water, commands the waves to stop, holds His hand out and says, "Take courage!  It is I. Don't be afraid." (Matthew 14:27)

When we don't have the strength to hold on, the amazing thing is God walks on water, reaches out His arms, and holds on to us.


  1. I'm glad to know that you are finding solace in Him. Life can be overwhelming and I know it helps to remember that there are people out there that care about your well-being. God bless.

  2. @Fresh Local and Best Thank you for the words of encouragement, Christine. This has been such a strange time for me but He is good and I need to continually rest in Him.


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