October 6, 2010

Poster Child

{ nathan modeling his DOC band }
Nathan didn't get a lot of tummy time in his early months (ramifications of being a second child; sorry babe!).  We noticed the back of his head was starting to get flat.   Around five months at the pediatrician's suggestion, we took him in for a consultation at the local Cranial Technologies office.

After taking some images and measurements, they determined he had somewhere between a moderate to severe form of Brachycephaly (sounds so serious).  They recommended a DOC band for our little guy.  We were already familiar with the band because several of our friends had to get it for their children.  We decided to go ahead with it, and there was no excuse since the entire thing was covered by our insurance company.

I have to say Nathan looked super adorable in his helmet.  He quickly adapted to it.  The only issue we encountered was the stench from the sweat.  So we had to clean it daily with rubbing alcohol.  Otherwise, we found the whole process very seamless and the folks at Cranial Tech very helpful.

{ here is a pic of nathan getting digital images of his head to create his DOC band.  the stocking over the head is a little creepy but kind of cute, too.  and who can resist those rolls? }
{ looking dapper in his new helmet }
{ our little guy sporting his newly decorated helment.  hubby printed out "Nathan's" hot dog logo and glued it on with mod podge.  impressive }
And here is our absolute proudest moment as a parent: 
having your son featured topless in a calendar!
Click here to see the 2011 calendar 
and all the other cuties looking dapper in their DOC bands.


  1. aww....i miss him ;) Thank you for sharing your blog, I enjoy reading them very much.



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