October 12, 2010

The Breakout

{ nate:  come on, people.  it's my birthday.  let me out of this joint. }

{ ava:  don't worry, cuz.  i got your back.  i have some mad negotiation skills and am able to get whatever i want. you just let me do all the talking. }

{ hey, you!  yeah, you with the fancy camera and crazy lookin' hair.  i demand that you get over here and release us at this very minute or else!   i know my constitutional rights and according to the fourth amendment, you can't keep us here without probable cause!  so drop the camera, bend over, put your arms out, and pick us up RIGHT THIS INSTANT!! }

{ hey, did you hear a word i said?  i said get us out of here RIGHT NOW! }

{ oh man, we're never breakin' out of this place. }


    so cute!!
    nathan looks so much older now!

  2. Hi YK! It's amazing how quickly they grow, isn't it? E is a little lady now! Can't believe how big she is.


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