November 21, 2010

Love is in the Air

The boys enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon in the backyard after church today.  And love filled the air.  As challenging as parenting is at times, these boys bring us such incredible joy.  James and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

The amazing thing is when the Lord looks at His children, He probably thinks the same thing.  Even despite how pig-headed, stubborn, and just plain stupid we are, He is ever so patient with us.  And He loves us still.

Tonight at bedtime, this was our prayer for the boys:


You are good, kind, and gracious.  How great and wide and deep is Your love!  Help us to know this with all of our hearts.  And would you shape CJ and Nathan to become men who follow after you above all else?  May Jesus be their greatest treasure and may their lives exemplify this.  Protect them from the lies that the material things and "stuff" of this world will satisfy.  Protect them from falling into the trap of chasing after the American dream and believing that this is life's chief goal.  It is a mere chasing of the wind.  Let them invest their time, heart, and energy in the things of eternal value.

And we pray humbly that you would start by working in our hearts to exemplify this for our children.

We give praise, glory, and honor to you, the King of kings.  One day ALL men of every tribe and tongue will bow down and worship the name of Jesus.  Oh, how we long for that day.

In Your grip,


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