September 30, 2010

One-Year Birthday Celebration!

{ a collage of photos from nathan's dohl }
Nathan celebrated his 1-year birthday (dohl in Korean) on September 26.  Hard to believe a year has already gone by since our little guy's arrival into the world.

We had a small, quaint celebration in our home with family and our growth group from church as guests.  Nathan had a great time until he had to wear the hanbok (traditional Korean outfit) -- he was not fond of the material.

For the doljabi (Korean custom where the child selects an item to determine his future), he picked the stethoscope and the Bible.  Looks like we have a future medical missionary on our hands!

Nathan, you are such an amazing blessing to our family.  Before you came along, we found it very hard to imagine loving another child as much as we do your older brother.  But as soon as you entered into the world, you proved us wrong!  Your infectious smile and sweet demeanor brighten up our days.  We love you dearly.


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