September 26, 2012

Three and Full of Surprises

My sweetest Nathan,

Happiest 3rd birthday to you, darling!  It’s hard to believe 3 years have already flown by since you entered the world and into our lives.  You went from being a peanut that we could hold with one hand to a mini linebacker that can wrestle your brother to the ground!  Can I tell you what a funny child you are?  Even before you were able to speak, you had Daddy and I laughing our heads off.   We can always count on you to say or do something that has us grinning from ear to ear, even if we’ve had a rough day.  It’s your gift.  Your easy-going, sweet, and fun nature helps to bring a smile to so many faces.  You have an infectious laughter and are always full of surprises.

Though we try very hard not to compare you, there are so many differences between you and your brother.  CJ is a spitting image of me, whereas you are a mini-Daddy!  And though the twos were quite terrible with your brother, it was a simpler age with you.  Your personality seems to be much more laid back and easy-going.  You kind of just go with the flow (or maybe it's just that second time around Mommy and Daddy became more laid back!).  You're curious and adventurous, which also means you're more accident prone!  You also have a much heartier appetite, although you don't have quite the fondness for vegetables your brother does.

You started 3-year-old preschool this September and with an October 1st cutoff, you barely made it in!  You are the youngest in the class, but your teacher assures me you are doing just fine and always giving her something to chuckle about.  Your current obsessions at this age include monster trucks, cars, m&ms, lollipops, monster trucks, dancing, rice and soup, Mr. Puppy and Mr. Monkey, Jake & the Pirates, and more monster trucks.

In the past couple months, you’ve really started to increase your vocabulary and ability to speak in complete sentences (as demonstrated in your prayer below).  Sometimes you’ll just ramble on and on, and it’s the most adorable thing.  I never want you to lose your sweet, baby voice, but I know that day will eventually come.  You’ve already lost much of your baby fat – the round cheeks have thinned out and the super chunky thighs have elongated.  You’re becoming a little man.

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But I won’t care how old you are and will be down the road.  You will always be my little peanut.

I thank God for you and for bringing such great joy into our lives.

Happiest birthday wishes, darling.

Love with all my heart,


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