February 22, 2012

Best Friends

My boys are 3 and 2.  Anyone with children this young and this close in age knows how challenging and exhausting it can be.  But they'll also know the incredible blessings of their children always having their best friend around.  And for that, I could not be more thankful.

by Mother's Mementos

brothers often make you laugh
sometimes make you cry
they fight and tumble
and make you wonder why
they make you want
to try your very best
they'll go with you to the end
but the greatest thing
that brothers make are
the very best of friends


  1. Rachel,
    You could make a wonderful e-book beginning with this post.

  2. Donna - That idea never occurred to me. Maybe something I'll work on when the boys are a little older! :)

  3. your boys are just too cute. i can't wait to meet them tomorrow!


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