May 8, 2011

Blessed By Moms

Jubilee Project's latest video poses the question, "What would the world look like without moms?"  I shudder at the thought!  I love one answer given in the video:  "No one would have clean underwear."  Amen to that.  :)

[Note: Each view of this video in May raises a penny for Every Mother Counts.  Please watch, share, and help improve maternal health around the world.]

Today I thank God for the moms who have sacrificed, overcome obstacles, cared for, nurtured, prayed over, loved, and blessed their children and their families.  This world is a better place because of you.

And I praise God, in particular, for my mom, her mom, and the mom who raised my husband.

For my mom - I'm thankful that you never gave up on us when that would have been the easiest think to do.  Grateful that when it seemed like us against all the world, we had you in our corner.  That when we packed up and moved yet again, we knew we'd have to say goodbyes but we could always count on having each other.  I've been blessed by your endless prayers and encouraged by the faith that grips your heart.  I admire you for so many reasons but am most thankful for your guidance and your friendship.

For my mom's mom - Halmoni, we miss you so much.  But I count myself incredibly blessed to have spent so many years with you here on earth and will again in eternity.  When everyone else was quick to judge or criticize, you always made your grandchildren feel loved and encouraged.  You were a pillar of strength and amazing faith.  Even in the final days of such great suffering, you blessed the name of Jesus.  You inspire me.

And for my husband's mom - I rarely, if ever, get to tell you these things:  You are a wonderful mom, and there is no greater evidence than the two beautiful children you raised.   I know you've sacrificed a lot and have worked so hard to provide a better life for your family.  You are beautiful and loved and have a humble servant heart.  I am thankful for you in my life and for the incredible role you play in my children's.

Happy Mother's Day to you beautiful ladies and to all the magnificent moms out there who give so much of yourselves for the sake of love.  Thank God for all of you and for clean underwear!


  1. What beautiful things to say about the women in your life, Rachelle! Your words bring to life the scripture, "And her children rise up and call her blessed."

  2. ahhh a beautiful post. this year for me too, my love for mom has deepened. i think seeing the continual forgiving, gracious, unconditional love of my mother continues to remind me of Christ's love all that much more. thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Donna - I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day as well! I know you're a blessing to your children!

    Junia - I think as we get older, we definitely appreciate our moms more, even if we don't necessarily agree with them. And when we become moms ourselves, we become even more grateful for them.


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