January 4, 2011

Free Printable Activities for the Kids

There are three things I absolutely love about the internet:
(1) the wealth of knowledge available on the web,
(2) the countless resources within reach at the touch of your fingertips, and
(3) being able to stay connected with folks all over the world at the push of a button.

I don't know how my parents or previous generations ever managed without it.

I could go on and write so much more about the wonders of the internet.  But today's post is about this discovery I made last night:

{ fun monster alphabet cards made for my boys - printout available at Activity Village }

Super adorable, aren't they?

I was so excited to find the Activity Village site filled with free printable activities for the kids.  I downloaded a few pdf files last night, and in 10 minutes, had several adorable and fun learning tools ready for my son.  All you need is a color printer, some cardboard paper to glue the print on (any heavyweight paper will do), gluestick, and scissors.

I also printed out these fun transport matching cards (my boys love anything and everything that moves!).  CJ had fun matching these up during lunch time (yes, my children require activity during mealtimes - otherwise they won't sit still.  They do grow out of this phase eventually, right?).

{ a fun game of match }
There's a ton of other fun stuff for the kids, so check it out.

To print the monster alphabet card, click here for pdf.
To print the transport matching card, click here for pdf (you'll need to print two copies).


  1. Super find, Rachel! What mother could resist the monsters on the ABC's.

    You set up an excellent tutorial doing this.

  2. Donna - I was searching for a tool to help my son learn the days of the week and stumbled on this site. Now I'm hooked and have it bookmarked as a favorite. :)


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